I really like the sunset one… it evokes a wonderful feeling and i feel like it takes the viewer back to a time they can remember. We’ve all experienced that beautiful sunset when we’re in the car, and you just want to capture the moment. I feel like you did just that in your painting. I also like the first one with the window. The city one wasn’t my favorite simply because the perspective bothered me a bit. I like the bridges and the idea of it and the colors, but there was something about it that just didn’t appeal to me. But overall I like them. :)

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2 Responses to painting

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Rebekah! This is mysterious. Did you mean to post it somewhere else? (Or is it possible your account’s somehow been hacked?) Anyway, I’m glad you liked the paintings, whatever that means.

  2. Aww.. oops! sorry! I meant to post it on my painting professor’s website, but it wasn’t working, so I posted it here I guess. I’m sorry, I am going to try again to post it in the right place. lol. Thank you!

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