Negative Effects of Online Schooling

It is impossible to deny that technology has become a major part of our everyday lives. From cell phones to laptops people are constantly using technological devices. While technological advances have improved society in many ways, the loss of human interaction is detrimental to our society.

The New York Time’s article “Anytime, Anywhere” shows that online courses for levels K-12 have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are both partial and full online courses available to students who choose this method of learning. Turning the system of education into an online experience will negatively affect our society. In order to fully educate the children of America it is necessary to eliminate full online courses for levels K-12.

The belief that students learn solely from the material taught in class is a common misconception. A major part of learning, which is not on the curriculum per se, is learning to interact and socialize with other classmates. Online schooling makes this vital interaction between students impossible. Without it, students cannot learn how to effectively work together with others. This skill is useful throughout your entire life, especially in the work place. Sacrificing social interaction between students is not worth the convenience of an online course. Socialization is not the only aspect that is lost because of online schooling. Simple things like the ability to ask questions and get feedback from a teacher would not be possible as well. A student should not feel like learning is a one-way street. Give and take is a necessary component to the learning process. Online schooling does not allow give and take, making it an inadequate process. Although interaction with other students is important, interaction with the teacher is influential also.

Students are not the only ones to lose something because of online courses. Ultimately, online education leads to the loss of jobs for numerous teachers. Thinking you can replace a teacher with an online program is wrong and insulting. Teaching is not as simple as stating facts on a computer screen. The removal of human interaction is detrimental to both the student and teacher. In a society with an already weak economy eliminating thousands of jobs would not be beneficial for anyone. Though some may say that interaction is possible via web cam, it is not necessary to recreate virtually what we already have available in real life.

As many people know school consists of much more than just textbooks. Being a student often means being involved in extra curricular activities such as sports or special interest clubs. With online courses these opportunities are not offered to the student. Without extra curricular activities a student will not be as well-rounded as is necessary in the modern workplace. Also, a student is not able to discover what other hobbies or clubs they are interested in. Students should have the opportunity to explore their interests further. Not only do students miss out on becoming involved in special interests clubs, they miss out on sports as well. In our society obesity is a common problem. Taking away sports due to online schooling will undoubtedly increase obesity among children in the U.S.

Students will not only miss out on becoming involved in extra clubs and activities, they will also lose their chance to become independent from their parents. When a student starts kindergarten it is a momentous occasion for both the parent and the child. This is the first step to the child becoming an independent individual. Online schooling does not provide this crucial experience to students. If a kindergartner is enrolled in an online course they will undoubtedly need the help of a parent in order to successfully complete the course. Instead of learning to interact with peers as well as adults in a real school setting, children will become increasingly dependent on their caregivers. This is not an experience that can be sacrificed. Without the traditional schooling experience children will not learn to become individual thinkers, which is an essential trait in our society.

Online education is an inadequate form of learning for several reasons. Students who are enrolled in online courses will miss out on socialization skills, extra curricular activities and sports, as well as independence. Though students will be extremely affected by online schooling, teachers will also feel a significant drawback. Eliminating person-to-person education will leave thousands of unemployed teachers, which in turn hurts the economy. Although online schooling has few positive traits, the negative affects outweigh them significantly. The elimination of online schooling for grades K-12 is necessary to keep the American learning system successful.

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Rotella, Carlo. “Anytime, Anywhere.” The New York Times. 16 September, 2010.

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One Response to Negative Effects of Online Schooling

  1. davidbdale says:

    This argument’s pretty weak, don’t you think, Caroline?: Though some may say that interaction is possible via web cam, it is not necessary to recreate virtually what we already have available in real life.

    It may not be advisable to recreate hair salons online, but toy stores don’t have to exist in every neighborhood. When something intangible is lost in the move to virtuality, the tangible world offers irreplaceable benefits. You don’t mean “is not necessary,” you mean “is not possible” in this case.

    Though students will be extremely affected by online schooling, teachers will also feel a significant drawback. (For teachers, I see you mean a drawback, but for students, is the extreme effect positive or negative? How would I know?)

    Overall your work is very strong, Caroline, but it will benefit from greater attention to the details of your sentences.

    I have posted your grade for this assignment. You may continue to revise it for feedback and include an improved version in your portfolio for a new grade.

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